About Us

wheelsmagic's predecessor was a small offline store for handmade crafts established in 2011. The two owners are sisters. Both owners are very talkative and love to share their goodies with customers and get inspiration from them for their goodies. Through the ten years, the store has become more and more products with a wide variety, providing a lot of convenience for customers. It has also gained a large number of loyal customer fans. With the sudden development of online shopping, people also find it more and more convenient to shop online. The two owners have also shifted their main business to online. That's why you're seeing this site today! Welcome!

The company has grown to 6 online stores. More than 400 employees. Independent designers 30 people. The company has grown but the two owners still do not forget the original intention and pursue details. We are committed to providing the best and most affordable and high-quality products to everyone. This is why we have a large number of loyal fans to follow.

We have gone through our first 10 years. We are here to promise that in the second decade and the third decade to come ..... we still keep our original intention to bring every customer a quality shopping experience!