AntiSwelling Body and Lymphatic detoxification 
06.19.2022 | DouDou | Healthy Life

Causes of swollen legs waist and ankles

A person may experience swelling in their legs waist and ankles for a range of reasons, including those below.


Lymphedema involves excess fluid accumulating in tissues, causing swelling. It occurs when lymph nodes are damaged or have been removed.

The lymph nodes are glands that are part of the immune system, and they help remove the fluid. If lymph nodes in the pelvis are damaged or absent, it can cause fluid to build up in the legs.

A person with lymphedema may have a feeling of heaviness or swelling in their legs or other affected areas.

Venous insufficiency

The veins in the legs contain valves that prevent blood from flowing backward. Venous insufficiency involves these valves not functioning effectively. As a result, the veins no longer transport enough blood to the heart.

When a person has venous insufficiency, the blood becomes trapped in the soft tissues of the lower legs and ankles. A person may also have:

  • skin ulcers
  • changes in skin color
  • swollen


Some of the treatment products

There are some products for anti-swelling body and Lymphatic detoxification, including those below.

Lymphatic detoxification is the key solution 

Lymphatic detoxification is an innovative solution for lymph circulation stimulation for the whole body. Lymphatic detoxification promotes and improves the function of the lymphatic system. Lymph circulation is significant for the balance and intercommunication of the overall organ systems through fluid balance in the body and toxin elimination. The lymph is home to the white blood cells which are important to the immune system. Good lymph circulation contributes to the function of the immune system.




Lymph Detox Magnetic Bracelet

The Benefits of Lymphatic detoxification 

Many people do not understand the impact of detoxification on lymphatic circulation and one’s general health conditions. Let us explore the reasons why we need to stimulate the circulation of the lymphatic system in the body and how this is done.

The lymphatic system transports fluids from the capillaries to veins as part of the blood circulation. Since lymph vessels have no muscles, the lymph can be drained by squeezing the lymphatic smooth muscles. Hence, lymph circulation is naturally slower than blood circulation. Therefore, people with less physical activity are more prone to lymph issues where toxins may remain in cells and tissues. High toxin accumulation leads to muscular pain, acne, blemishes, cyst, and tumor. As the body cannot effectively excrete the toxins, cells quickly degenerate and this, in turn, is commonly associated with first-stage cancer cells.

The Benefits of Obsidian

Obsidian is produced from volcanoes, which can strengthen the kidneys, absorb disease gas and help sleep. Proper exercise and a low-sugar, low-salt, and high-protein diet, it has a significant weight loss effect.

Here are the unique features and points of AntiSwell MagneticTherapy Obsidian Anklet:

  • The obsidian beads are made of Hematite Stone, rich in rare minerals, which help to promote energy to the human body, they can balance the focus and blood circulation system.
  • Helping To Enhance Metabolism. Safe And Healthy for Long-Term Wearing.
  • This magical anklet also can be used for removing the swelling on your body's skin. The amazing thing that the is obsidian beads bracelet can h to remove fats and swelling lymph nodes without complicated procedures.
  • Natural healing stones could help to release stress; it enhances integrity, willpower, self-confidence, luck, and clear thinking, and brings prosperity.